About Ukraine

Ukraine is a wonderful country, located in the East of Europe that shares its borders with Russia, Poland, Slovakia etc. Having a suitably mild climate, the nation is recognised for being among the most-fertile lands globally, for which it has earned the fond name the 'breadbasket'. Ukraine today, is well known for manufacturing all kinds of transport vehicles. It is especially renowned for launching newer and smarter satellites and its valuable contribution to space activities and missions; also for its expertise in manufacturing and supplying aircrafts, spacecraft, special trucks etc. to several nations. The nation also has a thriving tourism business, boosted by its spectacular mountain ranges, coastlines, natural reserves, architectural glory of its monuments etc.

All the major universities and educational institutions in Ukraine have been set up as per the standard guidelines o' UNESCO and the UN. There are around 800 institutions fo premier higher education in the nation, They offer various Bachelor and Master degree programmes in, Science and Technology, Business Administration, Humanities, Medicine and many more streams. Kharkiv city of ukraine has more thanl3 national universities and approx. 2,50,000 students from more than 80 countries are studying here. Thats how its called " Student City".

The renowned universities for Medicine in Ukraine are recognised by WHO, Medical council of India and other countries medical councils. More then 15,000 Indian students are currently studying here.